From CI/CD to CI/CD/CT

From CI/CD to CI/CD/CT

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Angus Mitchell
·Apr 1, 2022·

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(If you haven't read the high level overview, Simple x "Never" = Insane, you might want to start there.)

How would an economist explain CI/CD? It’s about automating away the fixed cost of 1 useful unit of work. If deployment takes a month, you shouldn’t deploy very frequently. But if you can deploy at the click of a button, you should deploy every day. You’ll produce work in smaller chunks. Smaller is simpler. Simple is good.

The same concept applies to internal tools. What if the fixed cost of 1 useful unit of work were to drop? You’d expect engineers to create smaller and smaller tools. Simpler tools. Faster development time. Tighter feedback loops.

Imagine if an engineer could write a stored procedure and instantly create a micro-app for Ops as a part of the deployment process...

It's the natural progression of CI/CD. I'd call it Continuous Tooling. CI/CD/CT.

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