Scale-Related Challenges with Retool

Scale-Related Challenges with Retool

What happens when a lot of things get a little more complicated?

The scars of scaling

Quick story about Tim and COMC. Their admin panel bore the scars of scaling:

  • Crazy permissioning complexity, with 200 daily users

  • Longer and longer release cycles (1 week, sometimes more)

  • An unusable Frankenstein UI that required a new hire training program

Software, at the speed of business

Tim had a bold vision — when Ops asks for a tool, they get it THAT DAY. (Very bold, I know) It might not be anything more than a working prototype, but he wants their software to move at the speed of business.

Thanks to one important insight, we have built Tim a system that has…

  1. … eliminated permissioning complexity

  2. … transformed the release “process” into something as simple as sharing a Google Doc

  3. … created a home for the long tail of random functionality. “A kitchen drawer for internal tools,” as Tim calls it.

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